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About Dr. Bach

March 28, 2012 - The day my life would be different and yet it was just another doctor's visit ... 

I had illnesses come end go over several years. I believed illnesses happen due to exposure to the changes of the seasons, the weather and people. What I didn't know is exposure to ticks would possibly give people a disease or diseases that would exist in the body for years and mimic themselves as a multitude of other illnesses and health challenges.

In May 2003, I began a journey to get my father some help for his illness that had changed his ability to "get up and go." My dad had blotchy skin and he was unable to get through his day unless he sat in the lounge chair. After all, he was in his 70's and his slowing down was expected, right?

Dad and I went into the office of Dr. Gregory Bach looking for some relieffor dad's illness. Within minutes of seeing the doctor he looked at me and said, "You have slurred speech." I had been tested for Lyme five times prior to the testing that night. Along with my father, we made monthly trips to Dr. Bach's office to eradicate the illnesses that had changed our ability to complete daily activities and to think clearly.

That was the beginning of my climb back from the cycle of illnesses, unexplained fatigue, slurred speech and brain fog. Dr. Bach was seeing my dad as his patient but I was the patient that tested CDC positive for Lyme with a CO-infection of babesiosis. It was September 2003 when the curtain lifted from my eyes. At least that is the best description I can give to expiain the moment f realized the brain fog started to clear. It was this realization that my life had been impacted by the diseases at a gradual pace, over years to the point that I didn't realize there was brain fog. I was ill and I had been ill as I went through my daily life thinking illnesses come and go.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Bach over the next three to four years to get well again. I refer to my doctor's visits as a pleasure because Dr. Bach didn't just give me medicine and send me on my way. He spent time with me teaching me what the spirochete was doing to my body and how the same disease may affect someone else differently. He taught me about my disease how it was affecting me, how the treatment would go, the prognosis that was stated with hope in the words, "I am going to get you well" He did.

In 2009, I graduated from Wilmington University with a doctoral degree in education and have published a children's book about the prevention of Lyme disease. The stories must be told of the countless people who are affected by Lyme and co-infections that change their lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and yes, financially. The disease comes with a cost far greater than can be measured due to the misunderstanding that still exists after 30 years of documentation and research that it does exist.

Thank you, Dr. Bach for giving me an opportunity to serve others in a way that a few years ago didn't seem possible.

Today... Anything is Possible. Nancy Fox, Ed.D

Author of "No Ticks Please"