Bravest Rescue Puppy
About Dr. Bach

Based on a true story – Book aids Lyme Disease research and K9 training for dogs in service

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Dr. Gregory Bach and his wife, Debra Bach reside in Hamburg, PA. and have written a family-oriented book entitled “The Bravest Rescue Puppy” which is dedicated to “all of whom live with Lyme Disease”. Each book sold helps support Lyme Disease Research and K9 Training for dogs in service. Co-author, Debra Bach also suffered from Lyme Disease and Dr. Bach chairs the Governor’s sub-committee on Education for Lyme Disease. Reviver Records Productions is coordinating the book project on behalf of Debra and Gregory Bach.

The Bravest Rescue Puppy” is purposefully written to help teach people about how to handle what life throws at them. No matter what challenges a person or puppy has to face in life, they too can be “The Bravest Rescue Puppy” and help save the world, even if just a small part of it. The characters are real and the story is based on a series of true events. Its aim is to teach our children when they are given “lemons”, not to give up, but “learn to make lemonade”.

“The Bravest Rescue Puppy” is the storied tale of Zena. Zena (a young Rottweiler) is a promiscuous, full-of-life, chow-hound puppy that was looked upon, by some, as “too much trouble”. All of her brothers and sisters found new homes – no one picked her. Zena missed her brothers and sisters yet the world outside, and food, pique her interest. Zena’s high energy and playfulness lend themselves to what she would eventfully become – a search and rescue dog. From this story-point on, “The Bravest Rescue Puppy” becomes “the tale that wags the dog”.

The storied tale of Zena, “the bravest rescue puppy” is the first series of books Dr. Bach and his wife are planning. The family-oriented book will contain valued and little-known information concerning Lyme Disease.

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