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My name is Jason ... I contacted you in February [2004] to ask about Lyme. You called and Ieft a message, but I never returned your call for which truely apologize. You sent me a list of Lyme literate doctors in Pennsylvania and info on how to locate some off them. 

I wanted to tell you that I found a wonderful Lyme doctor in Colmar, PA - Dr. Greg Bach. I went to see him first on 4/5/04. After examining me, he said to me, "You don't have MS, you have Lyme, I can tell that without a doubt in my mind".  He sent my bloodwork to IGeneX labs in Palo Alto, CA and on Monday 4/19/04, I was back for a return return visit and to get the results of my tests. Well, the test came back "CDC positive" for Lyme.

I wanted to thank you some much for all your help!  I can't believe how long and how many people have suffered and suffered for years being misdiagnosed with otber illnesses.  I just 'have a HUGE problem believing that so many doctors are so illiterate on LYME, and tests they run are basically WORTHLESS!! I just can't believe that ignorant to the disease, or the or the fact that they don't want become aware of it!  Dr. Bach after goIng through my history,   believes that I may have had it for at least 10 YEARS!  l was in the hospital 10 years ago with a bad episode, and have seen over 10 different specialists and none of them could figure out why I was in so much discomfort. Then Iast summer I began having trouble swallowing, walking, seeing, etc ... and was in 3 different hospitals and they couldn't figure it out either!  I know how I have suffered, and I sincerely empathize with anyone who's suffered 1/4 as much as I have, and I know there are many who suffered far more than I have!