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About Dr. Bach

Patient was told that he had ALS and six months to live.

Patient was diagnosised with Lyme Disease and long-term antibiotic treatment saved his life.  Saved $250,000 in insurance costs.

His story:

I am a 39 year old male, living in Maryland, who has been in the landscaping industry for 15 years.  I'd like to request information on the dangerous affects off taklng RiIutek, when the Borrelia Burgdorferi (spirochete), is present?  How does the spirochete react to this steriod drug?

I have a great concern for the potential negligence that is evident among the medical community, as well as the possibility that Lyme Disease can sexually transmitted, and passed through mother's breat milk.

In July 04, I was diagnosed with ALS, by a Neurologist at GW, based soiely on a clinical exam of symptoms and a negative Lyme Titer (standard ELISA blood test); all of my other tests, MRl's etc. showed nothing. My Dr. blatantly denied my numerous ullmerous pleas (and my wife's), refused further testing &. antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease, and even though I told him I was treated 4 to 5 years ago for Lyme Disease.  The Neurologist told me of my life expectancy, prescribed me Rilutek. and sent me and my wife off with a death sentence.

After two weeks on Rilutek, my condition declined rapidly, making it more difficult to breathe, swallow, and talk.

In early August '04, I went to a different Dr. who believed strongly my condition was caused by the Lyme Bacteria.  He immediately took me off Rllutek, started me on antibiotic treatment, and ordered a cultured Lyme Disease test through IGenex Lab. After 5 - 7 days on antibiotics I experienced dramatic improvement, particularly with breathing, swallowing, improved speech and energy level. My test results came back positive on all accounts, for Lyme Disease (DNA, CDC, & Western Blot). 

If I didn't pursue my own research, I would have died of "ALS" without the opportunity being offered, and literally discouraged by my Dr., to find out if the deadly bacteria, Borrelia burgddrfeti was present and possibly treatable.

How many lives are threatened, people dying, and families destroyed because they trusted their Doctor's diagnosis, and they trusted the standard protocal, approved by FDA and CDC, for Lyme Disease testing?  How many ALS patients are being treated with Rilutek without knowing for certain if the Lyme Bacteria is present? Could Rilutek have progressed my Lyme Disease to near death?  This is a tragedy and this is America's new threat.


William B