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October 12,2010

Dear Dr. Bach,

I just wanted to write a note expressing my gratitude for the work you do in helping those of us who have Lyme disease. Prior to contracting Lyme, I thought it was a minor illness, requiring just a couple weeks of treatment.

About a year before I contracted Lyme, I had cut out your ad from The Lancaster Farmer and filed it away. Throughout the spring of 2009, I hardly had any energy or desire to do anything. After being so ill, I remembered your ad. When I read over the list of symptoms that were given, I was able to check off many of the same symptoms I was experiencing. This compelled me to seek specific testing, which gave a positive result. Following my Lyme diagnosis that summer, I, then, became thoroughly educated in how serious Lyme disease is. Seeing no improvement with conventional treatment, I was referenced to another doctor who didn't seem to know how to treat Lyme either. I decided to contact you after being given conflicting answers from local doctors. I was completely surprised to have been able to speak directly with you on my initial phone call and to have received an appointment to be seen by you within two days of that call.

I have experienced great improvement and I am very thankfull for your expertise and help in my getting well.

God bless you and Mrs. Bach in your work, in helping patients recover (and keeping patriots around so the will be able to vote and reclaim our country).

AJ Chisom
Bedford, VA
Great (xx) descendent
of Patrick Henry